One third of the way through the Koolhaas and Fadell – Vanity Fair New Establishment discussion, the moderator Paul Goldberger asked the question, “Why is the process of making building so slow?”.  In summary, Tony Fadell answer from the point of the homeowner who has gone through the process, that it is due to jurisdiction codes and the unwillingness of certain construction specialists in taking on new methods or challenges.
The Google(X) spin-off, Flux, is trying to address some of the issues Fadell mentioned, by providing an information infrastructure which should streamline the process between architects, the construction industry, and building officials.  The question is whether people will “opt in” for this type of system.  To really work would mean participation from all the above, and manufacturers of architectural products.  See this link to get an TED talk-like presentation of the Flux’s proposal:
Besides the 3 former Google(X) team members serving as co-founders, there is Michelle Kaufmann, of Pre-Fab Green and Glidehouse fame, as the one co-founder with architectural experience.
For a comprehensive overview on Flux, see Randy Deutch’s blog entry:
Do you think we all can get everyone to cooperate, or is there another way?